My name is Maria.

I live in Turku and have fun studying Software Engineering in Turku University of Applied sciences. When I am not coding I enjoy reading, learning languages and do some sports.


During my 2 years of studying I've cut my teeth on a range of programming, starting from HTML, CSS, JavaScript, through Meteor JS, PHP, Django, SQL, Node JS, ending on Electron.

Originally I started with Python and Django. I went through a number of web related technologies, such as Meteor framework for building WEB-apps on Java Script. I am passionate about learning new tools and using them to create enjoyable websites and services. I develop projects from an idea to a fully-functional website, including domain and hosting setup.
Currently exploring: UI/UX design


In case you have a project that you would like me to get involved in or you just want to chat about something - drop me a line

Just shoot me a good old e-mail.

I am available for freelancing.
You can download my CV here.