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One of the Purim mitzvot is the reading of the Megillah - the Scroll of Esther, in which the miracle of Purim is recounted.

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The twenty-five hundred year old Jewish celebration of Purim approaches on March 3.

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What does it even mean to say that only Esther, the most diasporic, least God-centered book in the Bible,.In Judaism, Purim is a joyful spring holiday that features a festive meal, gift-giving, costumes, noisemakers in the synagogue, and required drunkenness.

The pastries are supposed to symbolize the defeated enemy of the Jewish.Proper usage and pronunciation (in phonetic transcription) of the word.And Keylitsh is an oversized challah made to represent the ropes that killed Haman.

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In Megillat Esther, neither HaShem, inner spiritual, nor ethical values seem to determine the course of events, but rather external values.If a member of the audience describes your speech as bombastic, does that person mean it is: pompous and overblown rousing and.

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Why Jews celebrate the story of Esther with costumes and wine.Learn about the Jewish holiday of Purim, from the Book of Esther.

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See what this holiday has to do with Queen Esther and Mordecai.Information and translations of purim in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Login.The fourteenth and fifteenth of Adar are celebrated as Purim.

Why do Jews eat hamantaschen -- triangular, filled pastries -- to celebrate the Jewish festival of Purim.

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Noseh: Purim, why do we dress up in costumes, and what this symbolizes. Sicha: Ask the chanichim why they think we dress up on Purim.What are baskets of food we give to family and friends to wish them a.Therefore on Purim we symbolize this idea by ingesting the ears of.

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Hamantash is also spelled. the villain of Purim, as described in the Book of Esther.Purim is coming on the night of the full moon, Saturday, March 19, 2011.The holiday celebrates the heroism of Queen Esther, a Jewish woman who rose to become the Queen of Persia and.

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The festival is called Purim because of the lots cast by Haman.What exactly does the nation of Amalek mean for. the villain in the Purim.

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The Jews were victorious over their enemies on the 13th of Adar, and rested and.Purim is the joyous celebration of the deliverance of the Jewish people by Almighty God as told in the Book of Esther.

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